Nov-29-04 -  My Pictures for Sale in Utah!
The Bryce Canyon Pines Motel, outside of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, has agreed to display and sell on consignment, pictures of mine of Bryce Canyon and other parks and places in southern Utah and northern Arizona.

For more than 10 years, I have spent my Thanksgivings at Bryce Canyon, at the same time "dragging" a few friends along to share in the fantastic scenery there and in nearby areas (staying in the Bryce Canyon Pines Motel each time). Typically, I spend at least a week there - and sometimes more! Consequently, I have many, many pictures of Bryce Canyon and environs.

This year I took along a few pictures I had printed for the Great Crafts Festival that were local to Bryce Canyon. I showed them to one of the proprietors, Ethel Rich, who agreed to display them in the motel lobby (to the right as you walk in), and make them available for sale (on consignment) to future motel customers. Though things are slow now, we're both hoping for some sales during the Christmas "rush" in a few weeks. If not then, then surely a few months later as the crowds pick up for the summer high season.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful place to escape to for a while, keep the Bryce Canyon area in southern Utah in mind, and give the Bryce Canyon Pines Motel a call for very comfortable accommodations at a very reasonable price. And be sure to stop by the lobby to bring back a fine art reminder of what you saw while there!

For more information on the Bryce Canyon Pines Motel, click here.

Oct-15-04 -  My First Arts & Crafts Show!
I, along with my fellow photographer, Tom Chang, have been accepted into the Great Craft Festival at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, to be held the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 19, 20, 21. This highly respected Crafts Festival, which will take place in O'Brien Hall, is recognized for one of the finest displays of handmade arts and crafts in the San Diego area. All items and materials presented by the exhibitors are original works created by them. And now, this will include Tom and myself!

Tom and I have reserved a 15x10 ft booth which will allow ample space to display a large and varied selection of our works. Tom's work comprises abstract and portraiture images, some digitally "enhanced", as well as landscapes. My passion is landscape photography with an emphasis on colors and panoramic images. We plan to have available for perusal and purchase a selection of images - bare, matted and framed - that should appeal to any and all tastes.

So come on down for the day and spend a wonderful time browsing the over 250 talented artists and craftspeople, being sure to stop by booth Y29 (straight down from the left side of the main entrance, on Yellow Avenue, 5 booths from the front of the stage area) to say hello and find that perfect image for your home, office or as a special gift.

For more information on the Festival, click here.

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