Fine Art Calendars

Each year I create one or more Fine Art Calendars for gifts to friends and family. And now they are available for purchase by everyone! Each calendar contains 12 images carefully selected to represent the best available from my many travels and adventures, while adhering to the calendar's theme. The calendars are printed on fine art quality paper that will last far longer than the year the calendar represents. These are Fine Art Calendars, each image suitable for display in it's own right. After tha month passes, the image for that month can be individually mounted and displayed; after the year is over you end up with 12 separate, fine art images that you can display proudly on your walls to enjoy for many, many years to come.

Each calendar page is 8.5"x11" with each image being 7.5"x10" - essentially 12 8x10 pictures. The paper used is a thick 300 gsm, acid-free, cotton-based fine art matte paper. When properly mounted and displayed, each image will last for decades! For the price of a single larger image, you get a beautiful calendar to enjoy throughout the year AND up to 12 images to display later throughout the entire house! You can't beat this deal!!


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