That's me leaning against a goblin-like formation on the Paria Plateau.About Me and My Works
I got my first "real" camera upon graduation from college back in 1979, a 35 mm Canon AE-1. During graduate school, I started to become familiar with the "task" of taking pictures by shooting around in the mountains and valleys surrounding the university (Va. Tech), a ready and wonderful source of photo ops. I actually produced a few pretty good shots back then (IMHO).

Moving to California after graduate school, I soon started taking advantage of the wonderful natural scenery so close at hand. In no time at all I had ventured farther afield exploring the mountains, deserts and beaches in the Golden State than most natives, camera always at hand. And, after a few years of traveling about my new home state, I "discovered" the rugged, colorful beauty of the American Southwest; especially that which can be found in southern Utah (e.g. Zion, Bryce Canyon).

But it wasn't until I got my first 4WD vehicle, a '93 Ford Explorer, which enabled me to seek out and explore areas heretofore "off limits" to me, that I became truly passionate about my peripatetic inclinations. I "discovered" a whole new world of colors and textures and shapes and sizes that I had no idea existed! And my camera was always at ready to try and capture the beauty, from subtle to magnificent, that I now came across. I was a true explorer in my Explorer.

And then my friend Tom Chang "coaxed" me into becoming more serious about my photographic craft by using only professional films and equipment. This I did and the results were significantly improved. Soon I decided that I needed to control as much of the process as possible, so in short order I had purchased a film scanner, and wide format printer, and the computer hardware and softwares to support them. Except for film processing, everything was now under my control.

After a some years of people telling me that my photos were "Wow!" and "Great!" and "Professional!" and "You should sell these!", I decided that maybe they were right. And, it would be nice to somehow offset the cost of my equipment and travels - if possible. My dream would be for someone to pay for me to go travel to some great spot and take pictures. I honestly don't think it could get better than that! So this website is the start of my attempt to go "professional". I hope you like!

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